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Dr. Sharon Rathbun was born into a family that included many workers in the Kingdom of God through four generations. Her grandparents were Walter Webster Hall and Rosa Etter Cadwalder Hall. Rosa and her brother, Hugh Cadwalder, were part of the original founding fathers of the Assemblies of God. Rosa along with her brother, Hugh Cadwalter received Jesus as their Savior and the baptism of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of Charles Fox Parham hands in 1904 in Alvin, Texas. Rosa and her brother had to make a choice to give up this new experience of the Holy Ghost or move out of their parents home. They chose the latter. Rosa was known as a strong and daring Believer in the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. She was ordained with the Assemblies of God in 1917 and was especially noted for her great gift of faith and devout prayer life. Rosa was one of the Pentecostal pioneers as an evangelist and itinerated with Scheumacks, the founders of the very first Pentecostal Church in Austin, TX. Rosa as well as her future husband, Walter W. Hall were a part of the Pentecostal bands that traveled across America in establishing Pentecostal Church.

After she married the Rev. Walter Webster Hall, she continued to help him in their ministry as they added to their family with the birth of eight children - seven daughters and one son. Two children were lost before they were grown: a daughter, Dora, and their son, Paul, who was killed by a drunk driver while playing on the sidewalk in front of their home. In spite of her great commitment to her husband, children, and church her home was continually filled with people needing prayer or a miracle. They were never turned away, but their needs were always met. Walter W. Hall and Rosa Etter Cadwalter Hall were married June 8, 1924 and they continued in full time ministry. They traveled across Texas and Oklahoma preaching the saving grace of Jesus. There were not open doors of churches in those days, but they proclaimed this message on street corners, under brush arbors, on trains, buses, in hamlets, towns, cities, everywhere and anywhere. Even when it meant sleeping on hard floors and benches in the meeting place, because of that burning passion to tell of His unsearchable riches. Nothing was too difficult if people could hear, believe and follow the Lord. Rosa Hall lost her own life to Bright's disease at the youthful age of thirty-nine, leaving her husband with six young daughters to raise.

Sharon's grandfather, the Rev. Walter Webster Hall, was one of the first in the state of Texas to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost under the Rev. Charles F. Parham in 1905 in Lancaster, Texas. He began to travel across Texas, ministering with the early Pentecostal "bands". Later, he was a part of those that established the original Constitution and by-laws of the Assemblies of God Church. He also established and pastored more than twenty-nine churches in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana, as well as evangelizing in these states. Rev. Walter Webster Hall walked in the office of an Apostle and Prophet and was used mightily in the gifts of healing and of the prophetic gifts while preaching to the masses under the great tent.

After he lost Rosa, he married a young evangelist, Lennie Mae, and had seven more children. They also continued in full time ministry of building and pastoring churches. Years later, the Rev. Walter Webster Hall, in conjunction with his son-in-law Rev. Frank Lindblade, were apart of the early founded Pentecostal Church of God. All of Rev. Hall's surviving children were involved in some capacity of the ministry, from missionaries to Bible teachers, singers, musicians and translators.

One of the daughters of Rev. Walter Webster Hall and Rev. Rosa Etter Hall, Sharon’s Aunt Naomi Lehman, ministered in the evangelistic and pastoral ministry before she married her husband, Rev. Hal Lehman. She and her husband became missionaries to Ghana, Africa. They worked amongst the natives for thirty-four years, establishing the Northern Ghana Bible School and teaching there for thirty years. For ten years, they also managed the printing press that produced Gospel literature in nine different languages. Hal and Naomi Lehman also helped to translate the Gospel of John into Kusal (a language spoken in upper Ghana) while serving on the government committee that drafted the Dagbani-English Dictionary. During the tedious revision process of translating the New Testament into the Dagbani tongue, Naomi Lehman typed the entire thing TEN times on an old manual typewriter. After mastering the computer while in Dallas, she typed the Dagbani New Testament for publication by the Wycliff Bible Translators, which was then distributed by the Foreign Bible Society. After retiring, Aunt Naomi returned to college at Southwestern University, graduating at the age of seventy-nine with a "summa cum laude and in recognition of her contribution to missions Aunt Naomi received her first alma mater from Bethany College in 1999 with its Founder's Award."

Another daughter, Sharon’s Aunt Lois evangelized and pastored with her sister Naomi for a short time. After her sister married, Lois traveled as an evangelist until she became a full-time secretary for the PCOG as well as stenographer and accountant for the denomination. Because of her work on the Pentecostal Messenger in the early years, it is still thriving today. Later on, Lois Ruth Hall married the Rev. Frank Lindblade, who had participated with her father, the Rev. Walter Webster Hall, and other founding fathers of the Pentecostal Church of God in establishing the PCOG across America. Rev. Frank Lindblade established and pastored over six churches and authored five books as well as evangelized across America.

John Hall, Rev. Walter Webster Hall's youngest son, became a renowned Gospel singer. Sharon own mother, Eunice M. Fant was a praying mother, a song leader and a Bible Teacher most of her life. She taught not only adult Sunday school , but also had a weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies in her home until the last four years of her life. She lived with her daughter, Sharon after her husband died until she died at the age of eighty-nine.. She has raised six children all of whom are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. Three are preachers and three are singers or teachers.

Sharon does indeed hail from a rich Christian heritage. She was born in Fort Worth, TX. She accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and Lord and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at the tender age of five. She rededicated her life to Jesus in respond to His calling to the mission field at her parents home church in Peoria, Illinois, October of 1959 at seventeen years of age. By the age of nineteen, she was assisting her older brother, the Evangelist R. W. Brown, in his ministry as his worship leader and a morning speaker in his meetings. It was after teaching the young married class and being a song leader for eight years that she responded to the reason why she was born and went into the full time evangelistic ministry in 1970. By the time she was twenty-five, she had made her first trip overseas to the Middle East and Europe, which was only the beginning of her travels. She would be traveling to over fifty counties and across America, preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for many years to come. , She is also used as her grandparents were with the gifts of the Spirit, especially in the gifts of healing and the prophetic gifts. She gave up her job where she was quite successful and went full-time in the evangelist ministry in 1970 of preaching the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ. Her ministry has been the direct results of ten churches being founded and established in Cushing, Lawton, Norman and Lindsay, OK. Also included are churches in Zanesville, Fremont and Defiance - all in Ohio - Lafayette, IN, and Tampa, FL.

While pastoring for ten years at Faith Cathedral - the church she founded in Cushing, OK - she had two different thirty-minute television programs weekly in Oklahoma City and Tulsa called "From the Heart". She also had a radio program five days a week for five years called "Deliverance Revival".

Sharon and her husband, John, founded the Faith Cathedral Academy in Cushing, Oklahoma. The school was from grades kindergarten through the 12th grade. They presided over the school for the next three years while they were still pasturing. . Yet there was still a passion in her heart for the evangelism. After resigning from Faith Cathedral, she went back on the road in 1983 full time taking off only in the month of December. She is still going out as the Lord opens the door even though she is very busy with the new established Hebron Life Bible College she and her husband, Dr. John A. Rathbun founded in 2005. She also co-pastured Hebron life church with her husband until 2010.

She graduated from the Billy Graham School of Evangelism and earned her Master Degree and Doctoral Degree from American Bible College and Seminary in Oklahoma City. Dr. Sharon Rathbun completed her first book, :Unlocking the Mysteries of the Voice” in 2004.

Dr. Sharon R. Rathbun has two dedicated daughters, both of whom love the Lord with all their hearts and are married to fine Christian men.. Angela Rose is married to the Troy Downing and Roberta Jean is married to the Rev. Michael Sharp,. Dr. Sharon Rathbun has nine grandchildren and all of them have a very special place in her heart.

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Dr. John A. Rathbun, Jr.


Dr. John A. Rathbun, Jr., was born April 23, 1932, to John A. and Rose L. Rathbun in the city of Flint, Michigan. [He was the fourth child born into the Rathbun family of six siblings. His father and mother became devout Christians before he was born after his mother was miraculously healed of tuberculosis. The family became pillars in the Church of God of Cleveland, Tennessee. His father became a deacon of the church and later became an ordained minister of the: Church of God. His father also worked for General Motors Automobile Factory for twenty-three years in the Buick division. Rose remained a devoted wife and mother of their six children. When John, Jr., was about six or seven years of age, is father pioneered his first church with the Church of God. Rev. John A. Rathbun Sr. secured a town hall and began to canvas the area, inviting everyone he could to come and visit his new work in the neighborhood. It was at this young age that Dr. John Rathbun Jr. was introduced to Pastoral duties, which later would serve him when he himself would pastor his own church.


Dr. John Rathbun had taught himself to play the piano by the time he was four. By the age of eleven, he was playing for his father's church. Later, he taught himself to play the organ, bass fiddle and the guitar. At sixteen, John preached his first sermon at his father's church. It would prove to be a blessing for John and his brother, Rufus, to have a father that blazed the trail for both of them. It was through their father and mother, prayers, that they have both spent their entire lives in this great field of winning souls for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It was the same year that Dr. John Rathbun was also given the opportunity to travel with an evangelist, because of his musical abilities. This gave him a great desire to evangelize within the United States when he was eighteen years of age.


When Dr. John Rathbun was seventeen, he had a vision of his calling to be in full time ministry. He received his ~exhorter's License with The Church of God, which was a big help in the opening of many church doors for him at his young age to minister in. After a year of successful revivals, John received his "Ministers' Licensed Certificate." This opened the door for him to minister in other avenues of the ministry. During this time Dr. John Rathbun served as Youth Director for the East Flint Church of God in Flint, Michigan.


After marring at eighteen years of age, he pastored his first church in Michigan and within the first year, the Church attendances increased to over one hundred people and within the second year the church had gained another hundred members. He also attended college and earned his Bachelor Degree. Even with that great success in pastoring, there was still a burning desire within to evangelize, 'therefore Dr. John Rathbun went back out on the evangelistic ministry while traveling throughout Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia. preaching Jesus and loving every minute of it.


Because of the more additions to the growing family of five, he once again settled down to pastoring in 1955, this time he founded the Church of God Church in Owosso, Michigan, starting with only thirty-five people. Within his very first year the church grew to over a hundred members. Seeing this remarkable growth gain, he remained there for the next five years. In 1960 he was offered a larger church in the Church of God in Muskegon, Michigan. When that church also exceeded over to one hundred members, he built a larger facility, with a day care center and an extended ministry at the nursing home in the city. He remained there for another ten years. But because of family issues that arose he resigned from the church of his dreams and took thirteen years of absent from the ministry.


In 1983 after attending a conference in the South Rev. John A. Rathbun moved away from Michigan to the South. He first lived in Texas for seventeen years and recorded an album of soft, Christian instrumental music. Later while he earned his Master Degree and, he also graduated from the Billy Graham School of Evangelism. He then went on to earn his Doctorate Degree in 2004, from the American Christian College and Seminary in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in his preparation of co-founding the Hebron Life Bible College with his wise Dr. Sharon R. Rathbun in 2005.





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